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Online Booking


iLash Factory is currently offering online booking for initial applications and touch ups (fills).


Diva Sets, Removals and Add On Services (color, glitter, etc) are currently not available for online booking.

Please call or text 505-980-1902 to book or add on one of those services.


All prices shown have all monthly initial application promotions already applied.


Advanced Artist Fess are automatically applied for the level of the technician booked:

Eyelash Extension Technician - Base Pricing

Advanced Extension Technician - $10 Artist Fee

Specialist Extension Technician - $15 Artist Fee

Expert Extension Technician - $20 Artist Fee

Senior Extension Technician - $25 Artist Fee

Master Extension Technician - $30 Artist Fee


Lash Artist Level


Eyelash Extension Technician (Base Pricing)

The Eyelash Extension Technician has gone through months of training. They will apply lashes with precision. Techs are still working on building speed and being able to do large size sets. 

Advanced Extension Technician ($10 Artist Fee)

An Advanced Extension Technician has lash styling experience doing hundreds of sets. Advanced techs can apply lashes quicker than the up-and-coming Eyelash Extension Technician. 

Specialist Extension Technician ($15 Artist Fee)

Specialists have been mastering their craft with over 1,500 sets of lashes. They can apply more lashes in the given time.  They know how to design, shape, and create a personal unique look. They are able to do the largest size sets in ample time.

​Expert Extension Technician ($20 Artist Fee)

An Expert Extension Technician demonstrates a mastery level in lash application doing at least 5,000 sets. From technical proficiency to guest interactions, a Senior Technician demonstrates exceptional Eyelash Extension aptitude.

Senior Extension Technician ($25 Artist Fee)

A Senior Extension Technician is one of the most requested technicians at the boutique, with additional trainings and certifications they are well on their way to be a master technician with over 7,500 applications. 

MASTER Extension Technician ($30 Artist Fee)

They are the most sought-after stylists in the boutique, not only because of their very advanced education but because of their well-known reputation. Completing more than 10,000 sets of eyelash extensions. Appointments are by request. 

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